Hungarian Kids Songs & Rhymes Ebook
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Hungarian Kids Songs & Rhymes Ebook

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50 songs, 95+ pages.

Hungary! A land with a rich tradition of children’s songs, poetry and folk music.

In this book we’ve gathered 50 Hungarian kids songs and rhymes. 

Many have commentary sent to us by our correspondents who are immersed in the traditions and culture of Hungary. 

There’s not always a sharp distinction between songs sung by children and by adults. So we’ve included a sampling of some of the most popular Hungarian traditional songs. 

We’ve also included examples of Hungary’s heritage of very moving folk songs and lullabies. These songs and rhymes are presented in Hungarian, with translations into English. 

We hope this book will help foster a love of Hungarian songs and culture all over the world! 

This book includes: 

  • Hungarian songs, rhymes, lullabies, circle games and finger plays 
  • In Hungarian, with translations into English 
  • Commentary from ordinary people about what the songs have meant to their lives 
  • Illustrations 

You’ll find 50 Hungarian favorites, including: 

  • Boci, boci tarka (Spotted, Spotted, Cow Cow) 
  • Bújj, bújj, zöld ág (Slip Through, Slip Through, Green Twig) 
  • Csip, csip, csóka (Peck, Peck, Jackdaw) 
  • Én elmentem a vásárba fél pénzzel (As I Went with Half a Penny to the Fair) 
  • Ha jó a kedved, tapsolj egy nagyot (If You’re Happy And You Know It) 
  • Hinta, palinta (Swing, Swing) 
  • Mókuska (Squirrel) 

And Many More!


Hungarian Kids Songs & Rhymes is produced by Mama Lisa's World, where we believe sharing our cultures will help bring the world closer together. At Mama Lisa's World we work with ordinary people around the globe to build a platform to preserve and exchange traditional culture.

We hope this book will help foster a love of Hungarian kids songs!


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